Yearly Archive: 2015

Importance of Geelong OH&S


For business across South West Victoria and in Geelong, OH&S or Occupational Health and Safety is the term used for the laws and processes that have been established to protect workers at work. These laws also cover contractors, visitors and other employees at a workplace or worksite. Australian law and indeed OH&S law maintains that...

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Safety management: surviving the Christmas rush


As we approach the end of the year, production requirements ramp up in anticipation for our Christmas holidays, deadlines for construction loom like the shadows of Collins Street over contractors, drivers push for one more run before stopping and safety consultants find it more difficult to convince customers to observe their risks. It will come...

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OHS System Compliance Checklist: Are your processes on track?


A gap analysis focuses on the implementation of the management system. This process generally includes a desktop audit (legislative or standards subscribed to i.e. AS4801:2001 – Safety Management Systems) as well as assessment of the implementation of such systems, to ensure practicality and undertaking of prescribed requirements. Often at SafetyZone, we are called into get...

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SME Tender Systems: Gap Analysis Questionnaire


Occupational Health and Safety, Quality and Environmental Management compliance are key procurement decision factors in the modern business climate. These guide the ability for a company to reduce project risk and show surety of operations to clients in both private and public sectors alike. As a result, our consultants are regularly called upon to use...

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I received a Worksafe Infringement Notice (PIN) – what now?


Many businesses meet their first OHS specialist as a result of receiving a visit or other contact from a state regulator (i.e. Worksafe) whom has visited and provided them with an infringement notice, identifying a hazard or issue to be rectified. Generally, this is as a result of a reportable incident or injury which has...

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Why use an OHS consultant?


The biggest advantage of using a consultant is to acquire a specialist service, without your business having to hire a full time specialist or rely on untrained or unmotivated staff to direct safety initiatives in your business. The emergence and growth of the OHS Consultant has been a part of the broader change in business...

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Contractor safety principles


In recent years the Australian workforce has started to shift from long term employees undertaking various tasks to specialist contractors working across a number of organisations to achieve specific outcomes. This has the ability to have a strong effect on the safety culture of your business. This presents many benefits to the organisation such as:...

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Emergency planning – what you need to know!


Onsite emergency procedures should be developed in light of the risks inherent to the worksite and tasks to be undertaken and include all information which you will need in an emergency situation. This article outlines various situations and reference documents which should be used when planning projects and workplace emergency procedure development. The first document...

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Designing a healthy, happy and safe work place


‘Office ergonomics’, is the concept that the office environment should be designed in consideration of the human factors, ensuring workers are happy, safe, healthy and more productive as a result. Occupational health and safety in the office environment The health and safety of persons working within the office environment must be a key consideration in...

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