Workplace Health & Safety FAQ

What is a “COR” system?

“COR” stands for “Chain of Responsibility”. A Chain of Responsibility System takes account of the actions of every person or role in a process. A COR System ensures everyone in the Supply Chain Process has an equal measure of responsibility for making sure every effort is taken to avoid non-compliance or incidents. SafetyZone carries out Chain of Responsibility System Development, Auditing and Review in the Transport Industry.

My business is not large enough to warrant employing a full-time OH&S position but we still need OH&S advice. Can you help?

SafetyZone can provide you with an experienced OHS consultant who has a strong background in your industry. Our SafetyZone OHS Consultant will work with you for a single project or for a pre-determined time. Our OHS Consultation gives you sound and practical advice on all areas of Workplace Health and Safety.

Your HQ is in Geelong does this mean your focus is OHS for Geelong?

No. We are based in Geelong but provide our services across Victoria, focusing on South-West Victoria, including Geelong, Melbourne, and Ballarat.

Do you use templates for your OHS work?

At SafetyZone, all OHS work is customised to suit the individual business or organisation we are working with, including the industry they are in.

Do we need to take into account Risk Management issues when completing a Project Management Plan?

Where you have a project of any size, it is imperative that the submission documents take into account Risk Management and wherever else you work.

We need to ensure compliance with Workplace Health and Safety for our business and its various offices. Can SafetyZone assist us?

When our SafetyZone consultants carry out Worksite Inspections, we will provide recommendations for improvement in Occupational Health and Safety Procedures and equipment. Our goal is full compliance with Workplace Health and Safety for your businesses.

We need to establish an OHS Management System  in Geelong for our business. Can we get assistance with this?

For an effective OHS Management System businesses can rely on, contact our professional and experienced consultants at SafetyZone.

Do you employ OHS Consultants in Geelong from a variety of industries?

Yes, we do. At SafetyZone, our OHS Consultants provide professional OHS Consultation Services and Compliance Assistance across a number of industries in which they have extensive experience.

Why does our small business need OHS Management Systems?

Businesses need to ensure management, employees and other stakeholders are aligned with legislative compliance requirements. OHS Management Systems organise and control these requirements within your company and its activities.

Why would we need to look at Contractor Management Systems for our Geelong small business?

The main reason you need to consider Contractor Management businesses and elsewhere across Victoria is because using a contractor does not absolve your business from the obligations you have under OH&S and workplace health and safety legislation.

Please contact SafetyZone if you have further questions or require more information.