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SafetyZone offers a range of additional services to complement the OHS consulting and system services already offered to businesses in south-west Victoria.

These additional services include the management of workplace essential safety measures such as electrical and fire safety for business premises and worksites.

Occupational hygiene is an important issue for many organisations, including asbestos identification and monitoring of a range of factors including noise, air, gas and environmental monitoring.

SafetyZone offers human resource consultancy and return-to-work consultations for clients, which can include research and governance advice if required.

Finally, SafetyZone OHS consultants provide workplace OHS training within the area of work health and safety.

For a wide range of Geelong OHS consulting services, don’t hesitate to contact our team at SafetyZone. We treat every client and business as the individual entity they are and tailor our services to them.

HR Consulting

SafetyZone offers strategic HR consulting and HR consultancy services to businesses and organisations in Geelong, Melbourne and across south-west Victoria. Our professional and highly experienced Geelong OHS consultants work with you to provide strategic human resources advice and solutions and ensure HR compliance across your business. Each HR consultant offers return-to-work consultation as well as...

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Occupational Hygiene

SafetyZone assists in the identification, monitoring, evaluation, classification and development of controls for workplace hazardous substances and materials. Consultants at SafetyZone ensure effective management of any potential exposure your employees, stakeholders or visitors have to hazardous substances and environmental conditions affecting their health. We have the professional training and experience to deal with the following...

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Essential Safety Measures

SafetyZone can manage workplace essential safety measures such as electrical and fire safety. Electrical hazards and fire hazards are an unfortunate presence in many workplaces and they have the ability to cause serious injury, damage and even death. SafetyZone can ensure you have effective workplace fire safety measures and workplace electrical safety measures in place...

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SafetyZone OHS training consultants provide training services to a number of nationally recognised training providers within the area of Work Health & Safety (WHS). We can also design your in-house training to meet nationally recognised criteria for unit competency. Contact us today to find out how we can help your staff upgrade their qualifications with relevant...

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