Occupational Health & Safety & Hygiene, Warrnambool, Melbourne, Ballarat & Geelong

SafetyZone assists in the identification, monitoring, evaluation, classification and development of controls for workplace hazardous substances and materials.

Consultants at SafetyZone ensure effective management of any potential exposure your employees, stakeholders or visitors have to hazardous substances and environmental conditions affecting their health.

We have the professional training and experience to deal with the following areas of occupational hygiene:

  • Asbestos identification audit and register development
  • Air quality and air monitoring
  • Dust and vapour exposure monitoring
  • Noise monitoring
  • Gas monitoring
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Hazardous substances and dangerous goods management.

SafetyZone also offers a wide range of Geelong-based OHS services including Geelong-based risk management services and occupational health and safety assessments and reports for businesses in Geelong, Melbourne and across Victoria’s south-west.