Risk Management Services in Melbourne, Geelong, and Ballarat

SafetyZone in the Geelong, Ballarat, and Melbourne region can provide risk management system development, review and auditing for your business.

All organisations should ensure they have a thorough and practical OHS risk management plan to manage risk effectively. The consequences of not having a good risk management system are great and can affect the economic performance and reputation of your business.

The fully trained and highly experienced risk management consultants at SafetyZone will spend time at your business to thoroughly prepare a document that foresees risks, determines what possible impact those risks could have on the business and the potential severity of each risk. Once identified, it is important to eliminate or minimise the opportunity of each risk. To do this we will create strategies for dealing with the minimisation of risks and what to do should they occur.

Our Geelong risk management consultants will also ensure that the OHS risk management procedure plan is disseminated throughout the organisation. All people within your organisation need to be made aware of the OHS risk management strategies you have in place, including staff, suppliers and contractors.

SafetyZone develops, audits and reviews OHS risk management systems compliant with the International Standard ISO 31000: Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines.

SafetyZone also develops, audits and reviews VicRoads compliance systems for Geelong businesses and those across south-west Victoria.