Workplace Emergency & Traffic Management Plans, Geelong, Melbourne, Warrnambool & Ballarat

A traffic management plan is crucial to the management of vehicle and pedestrian traffic separation within the workplace. SafetyZone undertakes comprehensive planning and risk assessments to determine and mitigate risks for vehicle and pedestrian interaction which could result in a near-miss incident or injury.

A workplace traffic management plan or emergency management plan will outline entry and exit points, fire mitigation tool locations, paths of safe travel, emergency contact numbers and other important site information. These elements are essential in emergency management plans within areas such as:

  • Car parks
  • Drive-through hardware or construction material firms
  • Warehouses
  • Stockyards
  • Manufacturing facilities.

Our workplace emergency management consultants work with businesses and organisations to develop plans which suit business size, layout and vehicles which are generally onsite. SafetyZone can even assist in organising for line-marking and roadside traffic management equipment that needs to be selected and installed, upon request.

For effective and comprehensive OHS emergency procedures for your business, contact SafetyZone. You can also rely on our professional team for other OHS Geelong-based services such as Geelong-based occupational health and safety assessments and reports.