OHS(VIC)/WHS Consultation Services in Ballarat, Geelong, & Melbourne

SafetyZone is a specialist provider of Geelong-based OHS(VIC)/WHS services in Geelong, Melbourne, Ballarat, and across south west Victoria. Our Geelong-based occupational health and safety services are tailored to each of our clients, taking into account the individual needs and risk profiles of every business and organisation.

Our OHS(VIC)/WHS consultation services and OHS(VIC)/WHS consultants will identify gaps in your existing management system and practices and work with you to provide solutions that best fit your workplace.

OHS(VIC)/WHS consulting services from SafetyZone include our Geelong-based risk management assessments, job safety analysis, worksite inspections and more.

Outsourcing parts of your OHS(VIC)/WHS can make good financial sense, particularly for smaller businesses and organisations. Our workplace health and safety consultants bring their experience and know-how to your business when you need it.

SafetyZone can also assist your business with the development of workplace emergency management plans as well as Geelong-based traffic management plans.