Workplace Health & Safety Inspections in Melbourne, Geelong, & Ballarat

Worksite audits provide recommendations for improvement in safety procedures, safe plant and equipment for Ballarat, Melbourne, and Geelong businesses.

Our professionally trained and highly experienced Geelong OHS consultants undertake safety audits at your site or at multiple sites. Our workplace health and safety site inspections include the development of a worksite inspection report and an assessment of each area to identify hazards, risks, non-compliance and process improvement. We then provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report to assist your organisation meet all Melbourne, Ballarat, Warrnambool and Geelong OH&S compliance. The report will identify requirements to improve compliance safety and processes undertaken. This is generally an early task to identify areas to be improved and serves as a high-level “task list” for the safety schedule to be developed around.

SafetyZone is also able to investigate workplace incidents for our existing clients. A thorough investigation of workplace incidents will help prevent a recurrence of such accidents and incidents and help to create a safer workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors. Contact SafetyZone to arrange an inspection and report.