Project Risk Management in Ballarat, Melbourne, & Geelong

SafetyZone’s OHS consultants in Geelong, Ballarat, & Melbourne assist clients develop professional OHS project management methodologies and project projections. Our project risk consultants undertake this role for businesses and organisations in a variety of industries such as earthmoving, demolition and construction.

Our Geelong OHS consultants consider a variety of functions including:

    • Area remediation plan development
    • Site safety audit schedule, undertaking and reporting
    • Tender development and formatting
    • Project management timeline development, for example Gantt charts
    • Attendance at contract/work negotiation meetings
    • Step-by-step project methodology profile development.

When considering project risk management and the role of a project risk manager, our consultants assist in project risk assessment from a strategic, tactical and operational implementation perspective, tailoring responses to the scope of the project requirements. Due to the varied experiences and training of our Geelong project risk consultants, robust project risk assessments are formulated in consultation with customers. Assessments take into account project management best practice, business risk management perspectives as well as sub-areas including finance, marketing and contract negotiation.

SafetyZone also offers OHS management systems in Geelong and across the South West, ideal for when an organisation requires contractor management services for their business or a particular project.