Developing your In-House Traffic Management Plan


If the mixture of traffic and people is not carefully managed, it can have tragic consequences for all involved. The development of a traffic management plan is a key part of any organisations safety management processes, and one which must be done correctly. The keys to developing any functional traffic management plan are: Understanding the worksite, the processes undertaken types of plant in use.

In a perfect world, these plans are developed and implemented before any processes start onsite to establish the rules from the beginning. However, as many companies move in and immediately start work, SafetyZone OHS Consultants often come in and assist developing plans for sites in operation or to update initial versions of plans.

The key steps in developing an in-house traffic management plan are:

  1. Identifying traffic hazards;
    • There is a great checklist at the back of: Traffic Management in Workplaces: Code of Practice. This helps assess a number of areas.
  2. Assessing the risks;
    • Remember to use your Risk Matrix and rank in priority in your Risk Register.
  3. Controlling the risks; and
    • Remember to use your hierarchy of control
  4. Maintaining and reviewing control measures.
    • Ensure you undertake the following:
      • Dry run your traffic management plan before use.
      • Mark up your lines, install barriers and other roadside furniture.
      • Display your management plans and include in site induction.
      • Separate others onsite from your traffic area (Especially customers!).
      • Set the requirements for vehicle and forklift drivers.
      • Continually monitor and regularly review.

Traffic Management planning is a complex process which needs to be identified, assessed, developed, implemented and maintained correctly. Call SafetyZone OHS Consulting today to assist with your plan development on 1300 123 647 or email: