Internet Communication Technologies: Benefits to your Safety Management System.


Organisational processes and documentation has evolved rapidly with the onset of the ‘technological age’ and as a consequence have presented many opportunities for business to better manage their affairs without mountains of paperwork, including their safety.

This short article will point out some key areas any business can simplify their operations by taking advantage of new technologies. SafetyZone OHS Consulting uses these technologies to increase the take up of our systems and ensure availability of your processes when you need them most.

  1. File Sharing Servers

File sharing technology has come a long way since we started talking about ‘the cloud’ and has offered organisational function systems a way to provide a bank of required documents, records and resources in the palm of our hands.

File storage with instant access allows key information such as (in the case of contractors) white cards, SWMS, insurance documents and licences to be produced onsite when requested and allow your company to save valuable time by being able to instantly produce requested documents.

Every new customer to SafetyZone OHS Consulting is provided with a dropbox to allow instant access to your information developed without having to rely on emails or administrators.

  1. Mobile Phone Cameras

Fred. R. Barnard spoke the famous phrase ‘a picture is worth ten thousand words’, and when this comes to records development, quality reviews and incident investigation, we can add that it saves many grey hairs for management also!

We promote the use of mobile phone (or any digital) cameras for records development and rely heavily on this technology ourselves to pass on crucial advice to our customers.

  1. Editable Documents

Editable documents have been the single most beneficial factor for many of our customers being able to record and implement organisational management systems in the last 12 months. Many of our customers use these to complete their pre-starts, toolbox talks, risk assessments and best of all (for the auditor) have concrete evidence! We provide all documents with editable fields and have been receiving raving reviews since making the change.

If you have any questions about the use of technology to increase the functions of your organisational processes or would be interested in upgrading your existing system to harness the benefits of technology, why not get in touch with our team today?

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