Hazard Identification: Merging your channels of input


As well as the development of HSEQ compliance frameworks, risk assessment and operational documents, our consultants spend a lot of time working to review and audit current systems. One area which is a common opportunity for improvement is the merging of items from various informal and formal channels to allow for easy tracking of non-conformances or simply issues.

Many OHSEQ managers face the issue of reports coming from various organisational channels such as formal reports, maintenance records, meeting minutes and occasionally the water cooler! This vast amount of information can cause a great deal of uncertainty for management as well as impede clear reporting through the organisation.

SafetyZone OHSEQ consultants assist organisations to group and undertake assessment of this incoming information by the implementation of the below steps which have been based on risk management principles and rely on a robust risk register. We prefer to implement this process using an online system (i.e. Dropbox register or app) to reduce administrative strain during implementation and ease of use onsite.

We seek to guide an organisation toward combining all incoming risk channels into a single format, such as a risk register. This allows the organisation to track and continually improve management system processes and reporting.

The key steps to achieve this end goal are as follows:
• Identify the channels of report (i.e. forms, email, inspections, regular checks);
• Identify a single source of issue management (Risk Register) and develop buy-in;
• Direct all channels to the single source through change management (training);
• Undertake standardised decision making (risk assessment) at source;
• Correlate metrics to inform risk mitigation strategies (database);
• Continually improve based on reliable data (reporting dashboards; and
• Undertake review of your systems to check compliance and continually improve (audit).

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