New Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017


The Occupational Health and Safety Regulations 2017 (OHS Regs. 2017) were implemented and became effective in Victoria on 18 June 2017. With the exception of licensing structures for registered training organisations (RTOs), which have a 12 month transition time frame, the regulations are effective immediately.

The intention of the OHS Regulations 2017 is to provide guidance to Victorian businesses in the implementation of the OHS Act 2004. The majority of the changes implemented under the OHS Regulations are included to provide clarity of terms to current language, specify expectations and better define scope of the stated regulations. A summary of the changes can be found here.

Two further key areas have been updated as a follow-on effect of the regulations, Worksafe Compliance Codes and Fees.

Worksafe Compliance Codes provide further detailed guidance to the OHS Regulations 2017, these are being updated to ensure clarity of published information from the regulator. Eight compliance codes focusing on pivotal OHS issues within the state have now closed for comment and are expected to be released toward the end of 2017. More information on Worksafe Compliance Codes 2017 (Vic.) can be found here.

Fees structures have been redesigned to attribute a number of units to each service provided. The unit cost is re indexed annually by Worksafe to ensure currency of their fees in line with inflation and costs. A summary of the current fees can be found here.

Often OHS Management Systems continue to roll over through the years without significant update. Now is the best time to review your OHS Management System to ensure alignment to the current law. Contact our team of highly skilled OHS Consultants to discuss how your work practices can be assessed to ensure ongoing compliance under the new Regulations.