Management Systems: Benefits and Structure


The process of developing, implementing, reviewing and continuously improving systems to ISO and/or Australian Standards requirements is a specialist task involving strong organisational support, appropriate resourcing and often becomes part of the core philosophy around ‘the way we do things here’. Most popular standards grow confidence in organisational operations involve OHS, Quality and Environmental Management Systems which are often integrated to provide surety across all three disciplines.

There can be significant advantages to developing systems of work conforming to these recognised best practice structures. Benefits include but cannot be limited to contractual success, better management oversight, stronger surety that legislative as well as contract compliance is being adhered to and increased employee retention.

Many of these standards are currently in transition by their designer International Organisation for Standardisation to ensure currency to business operations and provide stronger ability for integration of all management systems. Guidance for all systems is provided by the White Paper ‘Appendix SL’ introduced in 2012, this is the structure used for the recent updates to Quality, Environmental and OHS Management Systems among others.

For assistance in management system design, gap analysis to assist in system upgrades, maintenance auditing and/or to better understand the system certification process, contact our team.